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… an Italian story
Planning capacity, entrepreneurial dynamism and long experience are only some characteristics which make BAMA a leader company in the range of plastic articles for household and garden. Located in the heart of Tuscany, where different productive realities come together with the territory and the typical knowledge this land is rich of,  Bama create every product with intuition, inventiveness and practical sense.
Real forerunners of made in Italy, at Bama we study concrete solutions for more and more demanding lifestyles: culture, passion and  professionalism nurture our creative hotbed, thanks to simple but innovative ideas, we propose a lot of products for domestic use which can combine functionality,design and fashion, always granting the best value for money.
… best practice
The main seat and logistics are in the historical property factory in Altopascio,  on an area of 50.000, 19.000 of which are indoor and 5.000 of next building. A part of products is assembled in another property factory of further 4.000 Our capacity of processing raw materials is about 4.500 tons/ year with a potentiality of growth of 6.500 tons/year.
Our aim is the making of a total, ethic, social and environmental quality, made strong by the know-how reached after years of work, we devote resources and energy to innovation and to the sustainable design, matching the actual evolutionary trends, thanks to the use of the latest and cutting-edge technologies, insisting on the productive flexibility and on a logistic organization able to manage the moving of big volumes, by granting a fast and punctual service.
… brand BAMA
The capacity to orient innovative researches and to figure out products answering to the different demands of the market, without disregarding the emotional nature of the object, are the true brand of Bama. Both in the two funded lines, Household and Garden, and in the new Line Pet, that we will launch on the market at the end of 2015, Bama show the attitude to multiply the opportunities of success for their own commercial partners and the variety of selection for the final users.

…line Household

The eldest of house Bama includes a series of products for kitchen, laundry, storage, cleaning and bathroom, which are the expression of a metaphor of the daily living. The diamond point is the “FOLIA” collection, a line of kitchen products rendered unique by their quality and functionality, realized with a particular design inspired by nature, our dearest friend.
We like to underline that on all our products in contact with food, we constantly make migration tests, in respect of the running laws, for a perfect monitoring of the production and as a guarantee of our high quality.

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…line GARDEN

The adventure in the garden decoration starts with the pot Terra, a product that is by now a symbol of the company, an evergreen of our collection, among the best sold and esteemed. Nowadays the section gardening includes complete and coordinate lines of pots, pot holders and flower boxes. Modelled on high quality standards, they are made of certified and non-toxic resins and show an indentifiable care on any details, assuring liability, resistance and duration, all in respect of environment.
The resins are mixed together with anti-UV products, they are resistant agains sun-rays and granted 3 years. The best value for money is still awarded by an increasing trend of preference from the consumers.

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…line PET   

is the new brand Bama, a line of products devoted to the pet world which inherits all the planning capacity, the entrepreneurial dynamism and the innovative approach which characterize us since ever.
We well know how each pet s special and unique: for this reason we have created for each of them innovative solutions which solve practical needs in terms of functionality, design and reliability. Therefore a range of products is born which answers to the different demands of the market, by meeting the real needs of who daily lives with a pet ( from cleaning to storage, from travel needs to the ones of rest).
Innovations that are the engine for concrete possibilities of business and which make Bama Pet the best friend not only of pets and their owners but of professionals which world in this growing market field.


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